10 Best Creative Ideas On How To Write An Assignment In 2023

Introduction On How To Write An Assignment

In the modern era, expressing your thoughts in how to write an assignment is an essential skill, especially for students who are pursuing different courses all over the globe. As per research conducted in 2018, a large number of job applicants fail to meet the standards due to poor expressive skills. There are hundreds of methods available on the internet which may help you improve your skills in creative writing assignments.

However, these methods do not guarantee improvement in a particular amount of time. In this blog, we will cover the top 10 creative writing assignment ideas for any student in 2023. These methods are tested and proven by various students and have been modified over time.

How To Write An Assignment For College Students?

The rise of artificial intelligence and other technological advances has drastically dampened creative thinking among students. Though artificial intelligence has become one of the trending discussions in today’s era. However, the services industries still robustly believe in creative thinking rather than a large set of data.

Due to the same, a large number of leading universities focus on a curriculum that promotes creativity. Therefore, learning the correct method to weave a creative writing assignment is an essential skill for all college students. The methods mentioned below are some of the natural processes to improve creativity for writing assignments.

 1) Write Everything: The first step for developing creative writing is to write whatever comes to your mind. A large number of experienced writers believe in writing based on their thoughts to promote new ideas. There are hundreds of famous writers who have used this approach in the early stages of their careers.

As a student, it is essential to explore various aspects of knowledge gained through degree courses. There are multiple perspectives on learning something, which makes it essential to question every part of the knowledge gained and cross-check it. While writing assignments, it is essential to be factually correct.

Therefore, by writing everything in your mind, you are pushing your boundaries and challenging every perspective of the knowledge. This practice leads to new questions and a better understanding of the subject, which further enhances creative writing.

2) Personal Narrative: Writing about your past, present, and future is another way of improving creativity in writing. There are numerous instances of personal narrative that have helped a large number of people in order to improve their creative writing.

Start writing about all events of your life; one of the best ways to do the same is to maintain a personal diary. Creating a personal diary helps you to improve your vocabulary as you counter new challenges every day in life. These challenges require to be defined as a story, which requires creativity.

Thus, maintaining a personal diary is an effective way to write quality, creative writing assignments.

3) Research-Based Fiction: Fictional writing is considered one of the toughest creative writings. These writings require an immense amount of detail, as the writer has to express all the details of the imagination. Therefore, practising fictional writing helps in improving creative writing for students.

High School Creative Writing Assignments

Learning creative writing assignments from the high school level is one of the most recommended advice. There are hundreds of use of creative writing from the high school level that can effectively improve the career of students by a large margin.

However, learning creative writing is not easy at the high school level, as even a small incorrect approach can hinder the foundation of creative writing.

Therefore, if you have decided to start improving creative writing from the high school level, then it is essential to be cautious with the methods. A large number of students fail to effectively improve creative writing. However, the methods mentioned below have been tested and proven.

1) Short Story Contest: The first method should usually be initiated by the school. In this scenario, organizing a story contest can effectively improve the process of improvement. A short story contest encourages students to write short stories in a particular amount of time.

Therefore, all the participants have limited time to think, research, and write. This indirectly helps the students to push their limits and write creatively. As per research conducted in 2019, short story contests are even conducted to improve the quality of writing assignments

2) Character Development: Another method of writing creative assignments is to choose an existing character. How?  Well, we all have seen hundreds of movies in our life. You can choose any existing movie, novel or television character for story development. Try to revolve and weave a story around the same character.

However, you will have to make sure that you do not copy or mimic anything from the existing storyline. Just go ahead and write with your imagination. Everyone has a certain set of beliefs regarding the possibilities of the character. Still not able to figure things out? Do not worry; let us discuss some of the possibilities with characters in terms of writing.

First of all, you can create an alternative ending to the story. What if the villain of the story wins, and the hero loses? What if a new character comes into the story and helps the hero? There is an unlimited number of possibilities for the same. All you have to do is to explore the possibilities. You can even take other stories for reference in order to create a new story. There are various writers who believe in combining different elements of different stories together to create a new story. Writing different types of stories through your imagination further helps you in becoming efficient in creative writing assignments.

3) Descriptive Writing: Are you a good observer? No? No issue. Observation and creativity cannot be developed instantly or with some magic trick. These skills require time, determination, and consistency to develop.

However, you might be thinking, what is the link between creativity and observation ? Well, suppose we tell you to observe a room that is filled with a crowd. Now, if you will just sit down in the corner and observe people, then you will find that there are hundreds of things happening in the room.

Maybe someone is just sitting in a corner, while there is another person who is extremely extroverted and is interacting with other people. Do you remember the part where we created new stories from existing characters? Yes, we will be doing the same thing here. The only difference is that previously we took characters from movies, novels, and other fictional places.

However, this time we will be taking characters that are in front of us. We all have a unique story, a unique environment, and a unique upbringing. Therefore, each of us has a story which will have a particular ending. You have to observe these characters around you and formulate a new story for them.

Try talking to the character you are writing the story about; this will further help you to understand the personality of the person. The same method is used in writing assignments; when you write an assignment, you need to find existing resources. Based on those resources, you need to think creatively and write a new version of the topic. Easy, isn’t it?

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How To Write An Assignment For Middle School That Stands Creative?

Middle schooling is one of the most sensitive stages of learning, where even a small mistake can affect the whole learning cycle. A large number of people believe following the traditional methods that are used by adults can help middle school students write creatively.

However, this is a huge myth, as the students of middle school have a different way of thinking. In addition to that, they are not aware of the happening in the world to a large extent. Therefore, their imagination is limited to the possibilities they have seen.

Here is one of the most effective methods for middle school students that can improve creative writing without hindering the natural thinking process.

1) Use colours: A world without colours is just like a human without a thought process. Colours have added a large amount of meaning to our lives and have improved creativity among people. Using creative methods can help students understand the fundamental of writing assignments. How? Well, start by using an adventure journal where you can draw, colour and express a large number of things.

As discussed before, you can improve creative writing by writing about your life. However, for middle should students, a combination of drawing and writing is the most effective method. Drawings allow students to imagine the characters and scenarios better, which further makes it easy for them to write.

Another way of doing the same is to write a story on existing coloured pictures. This can help students to effectively understand the character and revolve the story around their personality

2) Dialogue Creation: Dialogues are one of the most important parts of a story or writing. A large number of movies and novels have received fame due to specific dialogues only. Moreover, dialogues can be created by multiple elements. Therefore, dialogue creation is another method that can help students improve their creative writing skills.

3) Picture Prompt: Picture presentation and writing a description of it is one of the most effective methods known in mankind. This method is used in a large number of scenarios and helps improve thoughts.

5 Ways How to Improve Your Creative Writing Skills

The methods mentioned above were specific to age and education level. However, there are a set of methods known that can be used by people of all ages. These methods are scientifically proven and have a record of improving writing assignments effectively.

1) Read a Lot: Reading is considered the most effective practice to improve communication of all types. Reading can be used to improve speaking skills as well as writing skills as well.

However, you may think about how reading can help you improve creative writing? Try to remember some of the practices that
we have already discussed. We talked about creating stories from existing characters and environments. By reading a lot, you are learning and knowing about new things. These new stories and information can be used to create new writing. Therefore, reading a lot of books and novels has proven to be effective for a creative writing assignment.

2) Rewrite a Story: Since you have started reading a lot, you have a handful of information with you. Now, pick up a story, and write it again from scratch. All you need to ensure is that the new story should not match the original story. After rewriting a story, try showing your work to your colleagues. You will receive a lot of feedback, do not worry; this is part of the improvement. Note those feedback, and try to indulge them in your writing. Indulging this feedback will further improve your creative thinking and will push you to become a better writer.

3) Keep a Personal Journal: Start developing a story around your life, and express feelings about every event of your life. One of the best ways to effectively improve creative writing is to express all your feelings. However, one thing that you need to ensure while writing a journal is that you need to explore and learn constantly. Since there is no one to read or judge your writings, you need to work on yourself. You need to effectively increase your vocabulary by following the methods discussed above.

4) Play Imaginative Games: Games are another method that can help you effectively improve creative thinking. There are thousands of open-world games that can help you imagine and indulge in a world with unlimited possibilities. Playing games can help students know about different possibilities.These possibilities can be used to effectively write different types of stories and improve writing assignments.

5) Use Creative Writing Prompts: There are hundreds of templates that are available on the internet that can be used for creative writing assignments. We here at Sturybeez have formulated a large number of creative writing prompts that can help you effectively improve your writing skills. These prompts can also help students to improve creativity as well in terms of thoughts and writing.

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