Different Stages Of Writing An Assignment In 2023

Studying in college can be a pleasant experience for the student, though things get more complex and challenging when they face a high volume of typical and composite assignment writing.

Introduction of the assignment in the term course and completing the same within the assigned deadline can be a nightmare for many students. Under the same, many of the students struggle with focusing on their real goals and aims. Most students plan for high grades for the term but the introduction of the assignment which is typical and more demanding tries to snatch their goal of high grades.

However, it might be not possible to avoid the term’s assignment altogether. Learning and getting well-versed in different stages of writing an assignment can be beneficial.

This article aims to guide the students through these important and unavoidable stages so that they can eventually comprehend their assignments with efficiency and ease.

How To Start A Assignment Writing: 3 Easy Pre-Writing Steps

Starting with any assignment is a quite typical process for many students as they need to be well-versed in various assignment steps required for an A+ grade. To be more specific, various fundamental steps of assignment writing need to be followed before commencing any assignment.

Further, the student tries to procrastinate and leave the assignment until the last minute. Therefore, they struggle and feel stuck to start the assignment, usually deleting it as it does not seem to be appropriate as per the assignment requirements. The whole process lands the student on a blank page without knowing how to kick-start the assignment. Does this whole situation sound familiar to you? Are you not struggling with how to start a assignment?

The above-stated problem can’t be missed or unseen so the remedy for the same is not just to focus on completing the assignment, but also pay attention to the writing stages. The following infographics will help you to understand the core of how to start a assignment and complete the same with no or minimal hassle.

Introduction To Your Assignment Writing

The prime step is to understand the assignment question- aid you to understand what you need to do

Secondly, create a plan- you need to find out what you want to cover and address. Thirdly, come up with your thesis statement- read again what is the requirement of the assignment and state what is needed.

The above-mentioned steps are the Brain Strome points, the following paragraphs will help you
to deeply understand the steps of assignment writing.

Understanding The Questions For Assignment Writing

In line with the “Writing Assignment Framework and Overview” provided by the National writing assignment can be defined as the writing task for the student which includes the following:

a. Analysis
b. Evaluation
c. Interpretation
d. Narration
e. Synthesis
f. Reflection
g. Clarification
h. Summarization
i. Creative expression

Before any student starts writing the assignment, one must understand the requirements of the same. The point is that if you understand the assignment question, then you will be on track while writing the same. Before starting with the writing of the assignment, you need to ask if questions:

1. What is the aim of the assignment- this phase comes under reflection and narration.
2. What is Needed- this includes evaluation and analysis of the task.

In the assignment, check for specific keywords, including discuss, compare, and contrast. The above-mentioned words help you to establish a clear picture of what the assignment is all about.

Further, the expectation of the examiner can only be assessed through a thorough reading of the assignment introduction section. The assignment introduction sets clear norms for any student and helps the student to understand the requirements of the same.

While evaluating the assignment introduction, it is quite possible that you will not understand a few or many terms then take the initiative to get research to find the true meaning of the same. If you have ample deadline time, then you can consult your professor for thorough clarification.

As it is so unfortunate to get low grades just by not understanding the clear aim and requirement of the assignment. The next step is to find the exact word count of the assignment that is usually mentioned in the assignment introduction or the marking rubric. It is evident that those students who give pretty good time to understand their assignment usually end up writing high-scoring pieces of work.

Have An Effective Plan For An Assignment

The steps of assignment writing depend on each other as understanding the assignment question helps in planning further for addressing the assignment requirements effectively. Let’s thoroughly understand the steps of assignment writing through the upcoming pointers.

  • Word Count: Every assignment has some predetermined marks related to writing the assignment within the assigned word count. If you write more or less than required in the assignment there is a high probability of losing marks.


  • Reliable Information Source: the grades that you are aiming for depending on the information source that you are using for addressing the assignment requisite. If you want to score well then choose the information source precisely and wisely.


  • Format: Formatting is an essential part of the assignment writing as it aids the student to present the information in a predetermined manner. If you want to present your writing piece then follow the formatting style guidelines. There are several formatting styles including Vancouver, MLA, APA, Harvard, and so on, therefore you need to use the introduction of the assignment requirement file carefully to fetch the proper formatting guidelines information.

Every student can agree on the statement that planning assignment steps wisely and managing the deadline help them to secure good grades as deadline, formatting and information resource matters a lot.

Come Up With A Thesis Statement

No student can deny the fact that the thesis statement is the backbone of any assignment. A thesis statement is kind of a road map for your readers to understand what the writing piece is all about as it declares the stand on the assignment topic. Some basic but effective underlined rules will help you to understand how to start a assignment.

It is mandatory to start with formulating a clear thesis statement which again depends on your understanding of the assignment requirements. You just need to specify and clarify your opinion related to the main ideology of the essay to come up with the thesis statement. Students must avoid any generic statements as they can make the readers deviate from the essence of the essay. Irrelevant thesis statements can lead to poor grades and reduced chances of academic success.

What To Include In My Essay: 3 Parts Of My Paper

There are various forms of academic assignments, and every type and form has a specific structure. Therefore, if you are still wondering how to start a assignment then the more specific answer is to identify the correct assignment type.

Assignment types that a student needs to be well-versed in are research papers, literature reviews, lab reports, thesis and so- on.

Let’s discuss the research paper and an essay, as discussing every assignment type is beyond the scope of this article. The research paper follows a specific structure that includes an abstract, an introduction of the assignment, a research methodology, results, a discussion, and a conclusion.

On the other hand, an essay consists of three major sections including the assignment introduction, main body, and conclusion.

Writing An Introduction is Half the Battle with Your Assignment

The assignment introduction is the crucial section of any academic paper as it helps in engaging the readers and provides the roadmap of the whole assignment. You cannot escape from writing the introduction of assignment as it determines whether the student is on the right track or not.

Further, the introduction for the assignment also gives a clear picture of the student’s understanding related to assignment requirements. Therefore, the student must learn how to write an introduction for assignment. Let’s discuss, what are essential sections an assignment introduction should have.

  • Assignment Topic Background: The introduction of assignment must start with the background of the assignment topic. Students must write the assignment topic in plagiarism free language, further, it must be easy to understand. Most of the students repeat the assignment question without rewriting it in their language. Isn’t it a mistake to copy the whole assignment question and paste it into the introduction of assignment? 

Of Course, it is. Anything that can make the student near failure is a mistake. Therefore, the assignment introduction must be written in its language with clear and specific points which make it simple to understand. Further, the assignment introduction must be based on the data collected through reliable resources and data provided by credible authors.

  • Outline: it is expected from the student that they need to provide a structured outline of the primary ideas that they are going to discuss while writing the whole assignment. Here are steps of assignment writing example that help you to write the outline of an assignment.

For instance, if you want to support cancer patients in your country by rendering holistic care to them, focus on the question “What is your role in supporting cancer patients? You can start by writing down the points related to the issue, for example why cancer is prevailing in your country? What is the most common cancer in your country? What can be your role in supporting cancer patients? There might be two or more arguments that you come up with while writing the outline, so now you must support the argument through the evidence from the pre-existing literature.

  • Thesis Statement: This article already discussed the importance of the thesis statement while writing the assignment introduction. More specifically, the thesis statement must be included in the last section of the assignment introduction. If a student is expected to score high grades, then specifically address the requirement of assignment introduction with proper closing of the assignment introduction section with a clearly defined thesis statement.

While dealing with the writing introduction of a assignment, many times students tend to make mistakes, like repeating the assignment question, taking evidence from non-reliable resources, repeating the information, writing irrelevant information, and not ending the assignment introduction section with a proper thesis statement.

Students, you don’t need to worry as there are some simple and effective ways to tackle with above- mentioned mistakes, including don’t get anxious, taking a deep breath and reading the introduction of assignment requirement file thoroughly, making a tentative outline, writing plagiarism free content, use the marketing rubric properly, and not forget to put the thesis statement in the last paragraph of assignment introduction.

The Main Body Makes 80% of Your Assignment Writing

After writing the introduction of assignment, the student needs to focus on writing the main body as it consists of 80% of the total assignment.

The main body of the assignment has all the arguments, evaluation, analysis, and evidence support, which must be presented logically. If you understand the steps of assignment writing, then you must appreciate the importance of writing a clear and logical main body of an assignment. The main body can be divided into the following sections and headings:

  • Topic Sentence: It is mandatory to understand that every paragraph must have a topic sentence. Topic sentences guide the reader to understand what this paragraph is all about.

Giving a clear picture to the reader helps in engaging them and fetching a high score. A new idea must be conscious in a paragraph then the next idea must be in another paragraph. However, there must be an idea flow and connection between the two paragraphs.

  • Evidence: The student includes reliable evidence to support their ideas and arguments in line with the assignment requirements. The evidence must be in the form of quotations and citations. The main body is always in the form of paragraphs and the student must ensure that every idea within the paragraph must be supported through citation.

Presenting the data and evidence from credible sources helps the student to fetch good grades as the reliability and credibility of the writing piece is a score gainer. Therefore, it is essential to provide a reference list and proper citations to avoid plagiarism issues.

  • Conclusion Statement: An assignment without a conclusion is like a body without a soul. The student needs to conclude the whole assignment in one or two paragraphs.

However, students make mistakes while addressing this section by copying and pasting the sentences from the main body. One can avoid the above-mentioned mistake by following a simple rule of concluding the main ideas of the assignment in your own words. Further, you must make the connection between the discussed ideas and the thesis statement.

The Conclusion Leaves Your Readers With The Final Impression

Students now know the last step of assignment writing, which is writing a conclusion. Are you feeling relaxed now? You must be, as now you are a master in writing the assignment introduction and main body.

So, let’s get started with learning the concepts which make your writing effective and impression-making conclusions. Though, it is not easy to write a conclusion that leaves a final impression on your readers, including the professor. Therefore, follow the tips that we are giving you

Tip 1: The conclusion must be the zest of the whole assignment so start writing from the assignment questions, thesis statement then the main ideas which supported or against the main ideas.

Tip 2: Don’t add any new information in the conclusion. Always write what is there in the main body.

Tip 3: Don’t give any citations or references in the conclusion section.

Tip 4: The last sentence of this section must answer the assignment question clearly and directly.

After going through this article, show your understanding and implementation of the tips given throughout the article to write a high-score assignment. Now the question of how to start a assignment will not be a nightmare for you. Take a deep breath, read the assignment requirement, follow our tips, write the assignment within the deadline, and fetch high grades.